Zine Dreams

July 18, 2011

Click the picture to go to Alex Wrekk’s Etsy shop and buy your own copy. (I wasn’t paid to say that)

My copy of Stolen Sharpie Revolution arrived, and I read it cover to cover in one sitting (the above picture was taken at work on a break, but I actually read it that night at home, curled up in bed.) Now I’m spinning with zine ideas. Only problem is, I have two ideas and I want to do them both! I guess it’s a good thing that zines don’t come out on any sort of schedule. Here’s the ideas:

Idea #1 (I’ll announce the name later): A zine celebrating uniqueness and personality. Sounds trite, I know. I just love people who are themselves, regardless of social norm or peer pressure. This zine may start out 1/4 size, and will feature tons of friend input. I have these crazy friends, see…

Idea #2 — The [Somewhat] Underground Guide to Reformed Thinking. This one is a bit ambitious, I think. Whoever heard of an Orthodox Zine? Is that an oxymoron? I’m all about bizarre juxtaposition. Reformed Christian thought is a fascinating topic for me and my husband. We also have some crazy friends of this persuasion who could perhaps be manipulated into participating. This one would have to be 1/2 size right off the bat (like I said, long winded…). I have a list of somewhat offbeat reformed thinkers that I would send the first issue to. This zine might have limited appeal, but you have to do what you love, right?

So what do you think? Should I pick one or push myself into an overachieving daze?