August 9, 2012

I stopped journaling when we came back from China and only started up again last week. I find that the line between my sketchbooks and my journals tends to blur. I journal in my sketchbooks and draw in my journals. Even so, I’ve never had the urge to combine them, and when I’ve tried I’m always unhappy with the results.

Here is today’s sketch out of my little black journal. Very rough, but it feels good to journal and doodle again.



This is today’s lunchbreak practice. Neither study looks remotely like the original, neither is looking in the right direction. It’s important to remind myself, when I do these studies, that I’m not aiming to produce anything perfect or gallery worthy. In fact, I usually scribble a bit on the back of the paper to loosen up some before I practice. Thought this might encourage some of you out there who, like me, struggle with the fear of blank paper, and think that unless you produce a masterpiece, there’s no point in drawing at all. Join me in a long exhale…. relax.

Getting Away

September 6, 2011

Sometimes I have to get away from my desk, just for a minute. The best way for me to destress while I take my fifteen minute break is with the sketchbook. The finished product is always rough, because have so little time to get the feeling of my subject. The goal is not to have an amazing drawing, but for the process itself to take me out of my workday for a minute. Here is today’s.