Regardless of the irony in the title, I do consider this a win, because I just returned from a lunch break run to the UPS store and I have officially entered Bookopolis 2011.

My husband has been incredibly supportive the last few days. He has even told me not to worry about the drifts of paper scraps and piles of tools lying all over the house. If you know my husband, you know that is support indeed! The house is getting back to normal, but you’d be surprised (if you’re not a book artist) how much chaos such a tiny object can cause.

I’ve begun my comeback!


“Tibet as I Remember It”

Kara Russo, August 2011

Since spending a summer in the Amdo Tibetan countryside in 2004, the artist has felt a divide in her heart between her life in America and her longing for the scenery, people and culture of Tibet. Over time, that longing has created a version of Amdo-land that exists only in her fantasy. This book is an attempt to portray the Tibet that lives in her memory – edited, idealized and nostalgic.

Miniature Tunnel Book

Paper and Board


Many thanks to Sarah Russo of Better Tie for these images!


The paper shipped today, hoorah! Hopefully I can begin work on the actual book in a couple of days.

Last night I worked briefly on a mock up and discovered that 3″x3″ is actually much too big for the book I envision. I’m going to mock up a 2″ version and see if I like that. If not I’ll keep shrinking it until it has the feel I want. I know I’m crazy, but I’ve been working on a 6″ book for months now and I’ve been longing for my first love — miniature books.

To qualify as a miniature, a book has to be under 3″ in every dimension. When I set out to make a miniature, I prefer pushing the limit, challenging myself to go smaller and more detailed than anyone else. My strong point is craftsmanship, and miniature artists books is a fantastic exploitation of my greatest gift.

In the meantime, check out these images from my favorite miniature book artist:

Please note: all these images are of miniature books by the extremely talented Elsa Mora. Please check out her blog to see more lovely images like these — I’m in awe of her gift!

Other than checking my email compulsively to see if my paper has shipped yet, I’ve been doodling the design for the miniature book in my sketchbook. It’s a riff on the artists book I just did for a friend, at request of a friend (more on that once she has received it). Yes, it’s small — 3″x3″. I’m going back to my first love, miniature artists books.

Tomorrow, if no paper update, I’ll show you some other miniature artists books that send me into a craftsmanship coma.