The paper shipped today, hoorah! Hopefully I can begin work on the actual book in a couple of days.

Last night I worked briefly on a mock up and discovered that 3″x3″ is actually much too big for the book I envision. I’m going to mock up a 2″ version and see if I like that. If not I’ll keep shrinking it until it has the feel I want. I know I’m crazy, but I’ve been working on a 6″ book for months now and I’ve been longing for my first love — miniature books.

To qualify as a miniature, a book has to be under 3″ in every dimension. When I set out to make a miniature, I prefer pushing the limit, challenging myself to go smaller and more detailed than anyone else. My strong point is craftsmanship, and miniature artists books is a fantastic exploitation of my greatest gift.

In the meantime, check out these images from my favorite miniature book artist:

Please note: all these images are of miniature books by the extremely talented Elsa Mora. Please check out her blog to see more lovely images like these — I’m in awe of her gift!