Stay-cation Fun

October 7, 2011

I’m still here, I’ve just been on vacation for a week or so. Hubs and I decided to be tourists in our own city. We have tried some great new restaurants, found some new hangouts, and uncovered more ideas than we could get to in a week. Tonight we have tickets to the first hockey of the season, so I’m sporting the team color on my head (of course).

What we’ve done this week:

  • Tried two new restaurants and several faves
  • Went thrifting and found a vintage mod dress for tiny yellow bird
  • Doodled in the sketchbook (I’ll scan and upload when I get back to the office)
  • Had a picnic in the park
  • Visited the art museum
  • Hit up a neighboring town’s Oktoberfest
  • Took long naps
  • Read for hours in Starburcks
  • Bought hockey tickets
  • Visited a friend’s newborn (!!!!!)
  • Went bowling with old friends
  • Walked through the downtown farmer’s market
  • Watched a football game at our favorite sports bar

Things we didn’t get to (or are still planning this weekend)

  • Rent bicycles and take the trail all the way into the next town
  • See good friends from China (tomorrow!)
  • Spend a day in Tryon
  • Scout out some artists cooperatives
  • Visit the new moonshine distillery

Love you all! More blogging to follow, I promise!

P.S. I promise I’m not sad and pensive as this self portrait would have you believe. I’ve been unexplainably happy for weeks. Maybe it’s the thought of January coming and with it, a drop to part time. 🙂


Wednesday Happies

September 14, 2011

Besides the crossed off to-do list in my first post today, there are other things making me smile. Here a quick few, before I end my lunchbreak.

  1. Whatever that sweet smell is by the Liberty Bridge today. I walked through it twice just now, and it felt like Spring all over again.
  2. Bubble tea. I had a free one on my account at Greenville’s only asian style tea bar. 24 oz. Peach Passion fruit, please!
  3. Working so close to the park. I love that I just walked back from a lunch break in the park.
  4. Other people in Greenville with unusual style. The tea bar barista today was wearing a fabulous combination of colors and it totally made my day. Next time I’ll ask her for her picture.
  5. Small group tonight. Oh so looking forward to it!

What’s on your happy list today?