I don’t hate Mondays. On Monday I’m still feeling propelled by the living that happened over the weekend. What I hate is Fridays. Not Friday night, mind you, the Friday work day. The time goes impossibly slow and all that saves me is coffee and music.

Right out of college I was introduced to coffee. I had smelled it all my life but never drank or understood it. Through my senior year I drank alcohol for all the wrong reasons. Coffee was my emotional lifeline for a time while I put the brakes on and looked around. Ultimately I found Jesus, maybe for the first time, but by then the coffee habit had stuck.

I started attending a small group where coffee was the centerpiece of fellowship. I learned to stay up late, savoring the buzz, living in the moment, belonging. My friends were into all the nuances of it, their passion rivaling wine enthusiasts. I learned to appreciate good coffee, but I’m finally over my need to be cool enough to admit that I have a very uninteresting morning Folgers routine. Don’t get me wrong, I love the good stuff when I have the chance, but my addiction really is as mundane as a habit.

Music is different. It took longer for me to discover it. When I was a teenager and everyone was getting into music around me, I concluded I didn’t like music because I didn’t like what all my friends were listening to. It’s taken me over a decade to see that I was, as a friend put it “disliking the wrong music.” It’s a very humbling thing to discover music in one’s late 20s. I have no clue, so I’m dependent on the good graces of my husband and friends to introduce me to things. If they went about it too fast, I’d feel overwhelmed and stupid and likely give it up. Thankfully, I have patient, music loving friends (More about them later).

Meanwhile, this is Sojourn. I don’t even know what this style is called, but I know that I like it. It makes my eyes roll back in my head and my head begin to sway. There are many other songs that do this for me too, and I don’t know what to call those styles either. All I know is that there is music I like, after all (feel free to jump to 50 seconds in if you don’t want to hear the guy talk). Music is a very deeply emotional, even spiritual experience, so I think it’s fitting to begin with this song.