October 14, 2011


This is a drawing I did during a city league hockey game. It’s from one of the magazine clippings I’ve been saving recently. I like the strength of the scribbling in this one, though the perspective of this face was challenging.

A professor told me once not to agonize over making a drawing look exactly like the model, since no one would ever see the model once the drawing was finished. That makes me giggle in light of this drawing. It looks nothing like the magazine picture, but I kind of like it.

Getting Away

September 6, 2011

Sometimes I have to get away from my desk, just for a minute. The best way for me to destress while I take my fifteen minute break is with the sketchbook. The finished product is always rough, because have so little time to get the feeling of my subject. The goal is not to have an amazing drawing, but for the process itself to take me out of my workday for a minute. Here is today’s.

Image: Kit Hinrichs 2011 typography calendar

I have not abandoned the 365 drawings in 365 days project — this is just an update. I’m currently on drawing #135. It’s currently day #192. Amazingly enough, I’m not discouraged by that. This summer has been amazingly busy at work, so missing a bit less than two months worth of drawing is about right. I do intend to catch up, though it may take me the rest of the year to do so! This is exactly why I undertook to average a drawing a day in 2011.

The drawing a day challenge is the most ambitious art task I’ve ever undertaken. I don’t consider that to be saying much about my discipline as an artist, which is the reason I challenged myself with it in the first place. I’m learning a lot about my style and about subjects “worthy” of a drawing or sketch. I’m so looking forward to the next 230 drawings!

Visual Handwriting

May 5, 2011

I spent part of the evening yesterday doing quick studies from drawings by Michelangelo. I’ve always loved the way he expressed the human figure. I also wanted to work on my “visual handwriting”, or my “touch” or whatever you call it.

I started out with two figures overlapping, just to get warmed up.

Then I tackled this one. I don’t like it very much.

Then I tried one that Michelangelo had done almost completely in cross hatch. I started out trying to copy his marks, because that exercise has been very helpful in learning from van Gogh. About halfway through I remembered the visual handwriting got frustrated and just took a go at it scribbling as usual.

That’s why I call it my visual handwriting. Trying to do anything else often feels like trying to forge someone else’s signature. I had fun with these, not taking too long on any of them but just trying to loosen up and find the style that feels comfortable for me.

I still like to stretch myself and learn new technique, but I also like that I’m finding what works for me. When all else fails, I scribble.

Forgot my sketchbook this morning, so I’m taking advantage of a promo notebook from the printer and a cheap ballpoint. Nothing special, just some doodles to let everyone know I’m still alive and sketching!

How do I love thee?

April 15, 2011

Did I mention how much I love working a block away from the Falls Park? My love of the park and my love of my brush pens tussle in my artist heart. Except today, when they collaborated.