A Book in Ten Days (Day 10)

August 29, 2011

I’m sitting at my work table playing Tibetan pop music from youtube. I’ve changed directions completely. The book was going to be called Sacred Space, but I found that I was not passionate about making that book at the moment. I’ve switched to a tunnel book. There are over a dozen little squares of colored paper that I hope will begin to form the layers of a landscape.

I’ve been coming to grips lately with the fact that I don’t live in Tibet, I have no plans to live in Tibet, and I may never see the rooftop of the world again. I have missed Amdo Tibet every day of the seven years that have passed since I was there. I decided to make a book express that longing visually. When I try to express it verbally, I ended up saying silly trite things like “the mountains call my name in my sleep”, or “Tibet lives inside my heart”.

Obviously I may not make the deadline, but I’m going to finish this book regardless. I can get it to Asheville anytime this week, so I can still do it without meeting the ten day self-imposed deadline.

This is my view from my seat at my table:


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