On Being Me

July 1, 2011

As you already saw, I discovered that maybe my style is not a straight off the rack at the mall look. I’ve always known that dressing like everyone at the office was not “me”, but never knew what to do differently. I don’t think the wig is the answer, it’s just the beginning of dressing in a way that makes me feel like me. I know this is all quite trite, but I do think it’s important.

I shared with a friend recently that I believe there are two kinds of people. There are people who hide and pretend they are just like all the other people (who are also hiding), and there are people who are unafraid and what I like to call vulnerable. Sometimes we mistake one for the other. Someone with purple hair and tattoos may be dressing that way to hide, while someone in a tie may be showing you his vulnerable, unprotected self.

In addition to sharing a few more posts on the kind of person I am, I will be sharing with you a few people who epitomize what I mean by a vulnerable person. Someone who is unafraid to show their real self to everyone around them.

Meanwhile, can I get your opinion on which one to buy next?

Update: All these images come from the Ebay seller mildgreentea-1 There is so much more where this came from!


One Response to “On Being Me”

  1. Denise Brognano Says:

    Love this it was fun talented and uplifting. you are on your way. I look forward towards seeing more. Thank you for the tour of your page!!

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