OK, maybe I have made a little progress…

April 6, 2011

I was looking through some old sketchbooks tonight. In the college sketchbooks I found some old installation, performance art and book art pieces that I can’t believe I never tried.

Then I got back to high school and beyond. This stuff dates back to the days of Art Camp and afternoons at the park with Lily. I would hesitate to even show these to you if they weren’t so old. Why I ever thought I should go to art school is beyond imagination. Did I think formal training was going to work some magic?

Years after these were created, a Greenville artist told me something that has stuck with me. I found it in a sketchbook from 2006. He said “hard work beats talent every day of the week.” I’m building my portfolio on that premise.

Yes, they are bad photos, but the faded look is not their age or the photo quality. I really was that timid with my pencil.

So I have made progress. Now I make my mistakes with gusto, and in ink.


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