Abstract “Art”

February 2, 2011

Gotcha, didn’t I? Were you expecting a rant on the classification of abstract as “art?” No, I’m longing to have a large scale non-representational canvas in my living room and I’m debating the merits of faking it myself.

I believe abstract is art. In fact, I believe you have to have above average skill at proportion, composition and color to pull it off. However, I think I can fake it well enough with my limited painting skills that the average visitor to my house won’t know the difference. The average visitor is not what I’m worried about.

I’m worried about the above average visitors that occasionally visit my house. You know, the ones who actually know that what they’re looking at is an amateur fake. On the other hand, with my budget the only other alternative is to run to a big box discount store and pick out a poster. Blech.

So what do you think? To fake or not to fake…


One Response to “Abstract “Art””

  1. I am awful at portraits. Still, I have done some and they have merit because they were a valid artistic attempt. I think it would be the same with your attempts at abstract art. Not saying I think they’ll turn out awful, but that even though they may not be as good as someone else’s they will still have merit because they are art…done by you, an artist. I don’t see anything fake about it.

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