I have a love affair with paper

January 28, 2011

Call me strange, but I count time in signatures. No, not the John Hancock type, the bookbinding kind. You may already know that signatures are those little stacks of folded paper that you can see when you look closely at he binding of a book. I know, for example, that my car accident was three signatures back, and that I have about three and a half left before the large black sketchbook gets shelved for a new one. So I have begun work on a handcrafted replacement.

This is my first time binding my own sketchbook and I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve never bound a book this big, so I’m anticipating a learning curve. The other night I tore and folded all the paper. This book will be heavier than my current one, and I’m excited about that, because weight is important to me in a book. Here are some pics I took this evening of the lovely torn edges:

This is my secret to tearing paper. I use one of those clear quilting rulers. You know, the kind sold for rotary cutters. I frequently make miniature books, and my handy clear ruler allows me to tear those fiddly little pages without all the fiddly measuring-with-two-rulers thing. If you went to art school you probably know what I’m talking about.

Ah, the lovely, lovely signatures!

Mmmm. Love affair, I tell you!

Oooooh. Pretty!

I keep it far away from the large black sketchbook. He may get jealous, or worse, fall in love!



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