Those Pesky Life Compartments

January 23, 2011

Sometimes I feel like my drawing abilities are completely useless at work. I think that is due to my tendency to compartmentalize my life. Art belongs over here, faith here, and work is something totally different. Why do we do that?

Friday at the office, our graphic design intern was about to use iStock credits for a pen and ink sketch of a mountain range. She needed it for a postcard promoting a yearly program in the mountains of Kentucky. I took one look at it and the little life compartments became fuzzy. “Please don’t pay for that,” I heard myself say, “I’ll sketch a mountain range for you. Give me five minutes.”

My photo is not so great (as usual), but after she scanned it in and worked her vector magic, it looked very professional. I got a sketch break, the office saved money, and everyone won (except iStock, ha!). So my question today is: what do you do that you’re holding out on? How can we de-compartment our lives and just be us everywhere, all the time?


2 Responses to “Those Pesky Life Compartments”

  1. Lily Says:

    You make a good point. We are so opposed to people labeling us or pigeon-holing us, but we do it to our own selves! It’s something that I thought about getting ready for church this morning. I tend to dress like a middle aged mama for church, but that’s not who I am the rest of the week. So today, I went as myself. Because if there is one place you should be completely honest about who you are it is in the presence of the Almighty.

    Haha, sorry to ramble!

  2. So true. I’ve been thinking about that myself. The masks we wear in community with other believers are often the thickest and most fake. Yuck.

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