Sometimes I Journal, Sometimes I Draw

January 20, 2011

I’m fascinated by notebook art. I’d love to become the kind of journal-keeper who is not afraid to simply draw over things I don’t like, or even things I do like — layering, gluing, cutting, inking, painting drawing. I’m that type that is afraid to draw too big, afraid to fill the page, afraid to make mistakes. I’m learning.

I’m learning to stop worrying whether or not I’m being cliche, boring, redundant, or doing something that’s been done a million times. One day I’ll fill the last page of the large black sketchbook. I’ll put it on the shelf and buy another. Nobody has to like what’s between the covers — not even me.

So here it is, my sketchbook spread today. Cliche, boring, redundant and just plain “done.”


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